3 Tips for Home Cooling This Summer


Living without an AC in summer can be unbearable, so it is essential to schedule an annual Air Conditioning Service in Highland to cool your home efficiently. Running it excessively and continuously can cause the system to break down. Moreover, an unmaintained system can lead to high energy bills.

One way to maintain energy bills is through maintenance services. However, there are other home cooling tips to increase efficiency.

The best Methods To Cool Rooms Quickly

Use these tips to let cool air in for immediate comfort:

Keep The Sun Out

It might seem simple, but many people like to let light in and see the sunshine streaming through their windows. However, if you’re thinking about how to keep your home cool in the summer months, you may have to resist the urge and keep blinds and curtains closed in the daylight hours.

It’s important to consider the direction your window faces to prevent sun rays from coming through curtains and blinds. Rooms with south-facing windows could get extremely hot during the summertime and will benefit from thicker thermally-insulated materials to keep the room cool.

Our air conditioning service experts in Highland advise you to read the safety guidelines or seek help when purchasing the sunshade before using it to ensure it’s safe.

Invite Nature Into The Room

Strategically placed plants, trees, and vines are air conditioners that effectively cool homes. Plant shady saplings and trees on the west and east sides of the home to block the sun’s radiation.

Growing vines and creepers along balconies, on the staircase railings, or indoor screens or dividers may assist in keeping the shaded space under them up to many degrees cooler than the surrounding area.

Window plants are gaining popularity as they help cool and humidify the warm air that circulates your home. The bright colors and fun designs also create a beautiful window appearance.

Use A Fan Smartly

One of the best tips for using a fan to chill is to place a large bowl of mounded ice in front of it as it runs. Our AC Replacement Experts in Highland advise that turning on the fan will create an essentially low-pressure system within your house where hot air is forced out of one space and then sucked by cooling air into the space you are in.

It will circulate cooler air throughout the room and helps the AC system to cool the room quickly. The correct positioning of your fan to ensure the best cooling performance is essential. If allowed to operate on their own, they could circulate warm air.

It may sound counterintuitive; however, the key to making the most of your fan isn’t constantly pointing it toward you. Instead, it would help if you looked at pointing your fan toward an open space, particularly in the evening.

Bottom Line

Test these tips this summer to help you save energy and costs. For more tips or to resolve any HVAC issues, contact 4 Points A/C & Heating. Call us at 909-970-4440 or email us to book an appointment for an AC Replacement in Highland.