AC Maintenance In Rialto, CA


AC Maintenance In Rialto, CA and Surrounding Areas

The secret to reliable cooling with minimized energy use is scheduling regular AC maintenance in Rialto, CA with us. We’re 4 Points A/C & Heating, seriously good HVAC air conditioner maintenance team. We’re experienced in preventive care and AC system performance improvement. When our daytime temperatures hit the 90s and stay there for months, you rely on your AC system to keep up. We test, clean, and check components of your system from air filters to compressors, refrigerants, and air handling motors. From older hard-working systems to modern variable speed systems, our AC tune-ups help you get more service life and reduce energy use from your HVAC equipment in Rialto.

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An AC tune-up and related services help you get more from your air conditioning system throughout the summer. Coil cleaning, refrigerant checks and leak detection, and air handling service all help it perform better and use less energy to meet your cooling needs. Our careful inspection and point-by-point checklist of AC maintenance tasks also helps us detect problems early. When your system has a failing fan motor or belt, refrigerant leak, or intermittent contractor that keeps it from starting reliably, we can take care of them on your schedule. Our in-depth AC tune-up optimizes refrigerant flow and ensures that coils are clean, lines are insulated for protection and efficiency, and airflow is balanced. Any debris from weather or small animals nesting in the outside unit will be cleared out as well. If there are any repairs to be dealt with, you’ll be able to schedule them at your convenience.


You’ve surely seen our highly visible pink 4 Points A/C & Heating company vehicles in Rialto and throughout the Inland Empire. We’re a local, family-owned and operated company serving the community we call home. Decades of HVAC experience led Martin Sr. to found our company in 2010, and Martin Jr. has learned the trade and proudly provided leadership as well. In memory of wife and mother Martha, who we lost to cancer in 2014, we contribute a portion of our profits to the American Cancer Society. Our pink service vehicles, well-stocked and driven by our team of carefully trained and licensed technicians, carry our message as we respond promptly to your call. We’re a company of dedicated, reliable HVAC experts with meaning in our work.


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