AC Repair In Fontana, CA


AC Repair In Fontana, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Is your AC acting strangely? Perhaps it’s making clanking sounds or smells musty or moldy. If your cooling system fails to react promptly when you turn down the thermostat, it might be time for an AC inspection to determine the problem. When it’s hot outside and you get no relief inside, it can cause irritability that threatens the serenity of your home. Our technicians have seen this situation many times. Before you worry about the AC repair bill, you need to know what’s going on with your air conditioner. We are the preferred AC service company in Fontana, CA. Come to us first to figure out what’s making your cooling system so cranky!


Most of the time, you can tell if your cooling system needs AC service. It could be in the form of a spiking utility bill or moisture collecting near the unit. Whether you need a simple repair such as a belt replacement or adjustments to the thermostat or more extensive work, our experienced technicians can handle the job. Spending money to fix the problem in the early stages can actually save money in the long run. Anyway, isn’t it better to know what you’re up against so you can plan accordingly?

If you notice any of the signs below, there’s probably something going on with your cooling system. Contact 4 Points AC and Heating to resolve the issue!

ac repair

A lot of customers ask whether they should repair their current AC or buy a new one. In general, we will try to repair your system to save you money. However, if you have an air conditioner or other cooling system that was installed over 10 years ago, replacement might be the best option. Newer brands and models run more efficiently and have the latest technology to keep your unit running smoothly. When we arrive, we provide an upfront estimate and explain what’s going on so that you can make the right decision for yourself. Usually, we have our vans fully stocked with the parts needed to make minor repairs. We also offer speedy replacement services to make your family comfortable as quickly as possible.


At 4 Points AC and Heating, you’ll find prompt, attentive AC service from NATE-certified technicians in Fontana. When you need 24/7 emergency repairs, our pros will come to the rescue with solutions, not complaints! We are a family-owned, father and son team working together since 2010 to create customized solutions for each customer.

Whether you live near Fontana Park, Fergusson Park, Almeria Park, or anywhere else in Fontana, you can count on us to arrive on time and provide the AC repairs you need!

With the mild climate in Fontana, it’s important to keep your cooling system running year-round. Call 4 Points AC and Heating now for fast, affordable AC service including installation, maintenance, and repair!

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