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Is your air conditioning system behaving strangely? Perhaps it has started short cycling and you don’t understand why. Whatever the problem, you can count on our AC repair service in Rialto, CA. We are the experts at figuring out what is wrong with a home air conditioning system and making it run smoothly again. Call on our AC service whenever your system starts behaving strangely and we will send a highly skilled technician to investigate.

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Air conditioning systems can break down in a number of ways. One sign that your AC system is struggling is when it begins short cycling, which means that the air conditioner switches on and off very rapidly. Typically, in a short cycle, the air conditioning system switches off before it succeeds in bringing your home to the target temperature. Short cycling is annoying, limits the ability of the unit to adequately cool your home, and can significantly increase energy bills. It is definitely a sign that you need to call for AC repair service sooner rather than later.

Here are some reasons why your air conditioning system might be short-cycling. The only way to know for sure is to contact our professionals for AC service so that we can take a look.

Here are some reasons why your air conditioning system might be short-cycling. The only way to know for sure is to contact our professionals for AC service so that we can take a look.

Most of the time, our AC repair team can fix your air conditioning system to stop it short cycling. On some occasions, it can mean that the unit is reaching the end of its lifespan and replacement might be more efficient. In that situation, we will discuss your options with you so that you can make a financially sound decision. In many cases, all that is needed is a simple repair, but either way, we will let you know what is the best option for your home.

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Teri B.

Our A/C went out on Labor Day; we called 4 Points AC and Heating. They sent someone out right away even though it was a holiday. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable; he gave us a quick diagnosis. He sat down with us to give us a few options. We decided to replace our AC and Heating unit. They even waived our service call fee! Their team was so professional and courteous; they went above and beyond for us. We highly recommend 4 Points for their hard work and skill! Our new system works great!!  

Stephanie B.

AC went out at 6pm the day before. They showed up on time and offered several options for repair and explained the warranty. Quick and responsive. Thank you would use them again.  

Chris A.

Great service. The technicians were professional and efficient. Pricing was competitive. I highly recommend 4 Points AC and Heating.  

Esther R.

Living in the inland empire gets quite hot! Today our AC unit went out and we decided to give 4 Points AC a call. They sent a technician out by the name of Antonio the same day. He was able to get our AC unit up and running. Our AC unit needed parts replaced because the prior parts were damaged. He was able to go pick up the parts and come back and repair. His service was above and beyond and now our AC is up and running! Thank you Antonio for your exceptional customer service. We are very happy customers! We will definitely be using 4 Points AC for all of our AC services.  

Bill L.

Outstanding customer service! They notify prior to arrival and send a message with the technician’s picture. Office staff and field staff are highly professional. This company would be perfect if their prices were less.  

Hungry G.

I recommend 4 points AC and heating to anyone that doesn’t want to bother with their HVAC. These guys service all my units, and since I have a service contract with them, if I have a problem they show up the same day or the next. Just yesterday I reported a problem with one of my units, they showed up a couple of hours later and told me I needed a part replaced. Since I have a contract with them they gave me a discount price, in total, the price was very reasonable. I travel for work and the fact that I know that if something happens I don’t have to worry about my house getting to 100 degrees. I don’t think I’ll ever change companies as long as I’m in the IE. Thanks, Daniel, Elizabeth, and the rest of the 4 Points team.

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