Is It Advisable To Repair Your Own Ac?


From a layman’s standpoint, an air conditioner is a two-unit system that enhances indoor comfort. From an expert’s viewpoint, it’s a complex mechanical system with a network of electrical and mechanical components. A miss in the maintenance and repair of these systems can leave users in a big mess. For instance, you may get severe burns or electrocution if you touch the live wires or hot metal components. Air conditioner repairs should be assigned to experts. However, for smaller issues, can you repair your own AC? Let’s find out.


To understand if DIY AC repair is a safe gamble, you must understand the dangers. At 4 Points A/C & Heating, we never endorse DIY repairs, for we know the dangers associated with it. If you notice serious issues with your Air conditioning service in highland, CA, call our experienced HVAC technicians.

Our skilled technicians have the solution to common AC problems. We can troubleshoot and repair noisy and smelly air conditioners. We can also offer lasting solutions to inefficient systems causing higher utility bills. Our technicians have repaired air conditioners with excessive moisture and mold issues. We provide quick solutions to unresponsive thermostats, too. The following covers some dangers of attempting DIY AC repairs:


Unscrewing the bolts holding the cover of the air conditioner is the easiest part of any AC repair job. Identifying and resolving the issue is more time-consuming. You might stare at the AC mechanisms and parts for hours without identifying the problem. After discovering the problem, repairing it can seem a nightmare, especially if you’re an amateur. You can spend a whole day troubleshooting the issue to no avail, but an expert requires a few minutes to get everything working.


Before conducting a DIY AC repair, you better budget for expert repair services. Remember, the repair work will likely double after your DIY attempts. Because you’re buying all the parts and tools yourself, you need more money. Misdiagnosing or damaging other components could easily cause more problems. All these dangers and costs of DIY AC repairs surpass the benefits.


The AC is a complex system, and understanding its components takes time. Mishandling a single part of the AC unit can compromise the entire system. Adjusting a knob or bolt inside the air conditioner can leave you with an inefficient system. Everything about an air conditioner needs a technician who has the training to deal with problems as they arise.


Repairing air conditioners yourself is a health and safety hazard in the making. You may get electrocuted or burned by hot components. If you rupture the refrigerant tube, you can end up with polluted indoor air. The toxic refrigerant can poison your respiratory system. It can lead to lung damage or death as well.


One condition AC manufacturers give for users to enjoy the warranty benefits is never opening the system yourself. Any repair and troubleshooting work should be performed by certified and accredited technicians. When you attempt DIY repairs, you can spoil the warranty. Look for an AC repair company authorized by the unit manufacturer to offer repairs. That’s the only way you can take advantage of the warranty benefits.


DIY repairs are not an excellent route. Yet, you still have a chance to use your DIY skills. The best way to use your DIY skills is when troubleshooting AC problems. The troubleshooting process may have a few complex steps. However, certain DIY skills can be useful. Here are the steps you can use to troubleshoot your AC:

  • Examine your thermostat’s power connection. Confirm if it runs on a built-in battery or your home’s power socket.
  • Check to see if the cooling mode is on. If yes, check the temperature setting and adjust it to your liking. If the thermostat does not work, the problem is beyond your skills, and you will need to call your HVAC technician.
  • Check the air conditioner’s electrical panel. Ensure the breaker or fuse hasn’t tripped or blown. If it has, get a new one from your HVAC technician and replace it.
  • Check the AC filters. The air filters must allow unrestricted airflow. If there is a clog, airflow won’t be smooth, so your system may overheat or malfunction. Replace the clogged or old air filters.
  • Check if the external unit switches are functional. Look at the switches on your indoor air handler as well. If they are off, power them to see if your machine works. If it does not, talk with your HVAC technician to look for the underlying issues causing the failure.


There are instances you feel confident to put your DIY skills to the test. But in some instances, DIY AC repair attempts will have a catastrophic outcome. In these instances, you should call one of our emergency HVAC technicians.


Air conditioning units may fail to turn on when the thermostat’s batteries are dead. If everything is set as recommended, however, call one of our technicians immediately. So many things suffer when your air conditioner does not work. First, indoor air quality and your home’s comfort will substantially suffer. Mold and fungi could start growing in your home, causing various respiratory problems.


Being in the same room with a noisy air conditioner is no joke. It pollutes the atmosphere and affects your focus. It can also make it impossible for you to engage in discussions or watch the news. If you notice that your AC makes extremely loud noises, it’s in your best interest to call an AC technician. It could surprise you to notice the problem was bigger than you thought.


Talk with your HVAC specialist if your home feels hot and uncomfortable, even when the AC is on. An AC system that runs but does not perform its duties needs repairs or replacement. If the system is old, it’s the appropriate time to have it replaced. If it’s not so old, one of our technicians can sort out the underlying issue.


When the bills get high, it’s time to get a qualified HVAC technician to inspect and work on the air conditioner. It could have serious problems needing urgent care.

There are AC issues you can troubleshoot yourself, and there are those you should leave to our technicians to handle. For repairable issues, we will repair or replace the damaged components. As for old air conditioners and units damaged beyond repair, we offer AC installation services. Our HVAC installation and repairs are affordable and suit the needs of every home.

Our AC technicians in San Bernardino also have excellent skills in handling heating system repairs and installations. We size HVAC systems to the heating needs of every homeowner. Our installations meet the highest quality and safety standards. You can consult our experts to schedule proper maintenance for cooling and heating systems. Our preventive maintenance solutions and plans also meet your budget and needs. For the best-in-the-market HVAC services in San Bernardino, contact 4 Points A/C and Heating.