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Preferred AC maintenance in Riverside, CA

Great AC performance and increased reliability are two benefits of scheduling regular AC maintenance in Riverside, CA. At 4 Points A/C & Heating we’re proud of our thorough air conditioner maintenance service, the heart of caring for your new or long-serving AC system. We send top technicians who thoroughly inspect your system, check its operation and test for problems. We also clean coils for efficiency, and filters and drains for proper operation. When temperatures lock into our summer 90s for months on end, you’ll be ready in Riverside.

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The secret to reliable comfort is our quality AC maintenance as preparation for your system’s hardworking summer operation. It’s never too late to get your system cleaned up and serviced, and an AC tune-up can result in a rapid improvement in your energy usage. AC systems that run efficiently don’t work as hard to keep you cool, and that can pay off in lower wear and a longer service life. Reliable, effective AC helps you confidently host summer gatherings in your home. Seasonal maintenance gets the winter debris and dirt out of your outdoor AC unit, especially the coils where cleanliness yields improved cooling efficiency. Small animal visits plus weather-blown materials can also disrupt operation and electrical components, resulting in unreliable starting. We clean your indoor system as well, checking the air filter, condensate drain, and coils. Testing motors and checking fan belts helps prevent common summer failures, and our checklist covers much more.



Here in the Inland Empire, you’ll see our pink service vehicles in Riverside and many local cities and towns, providing our legendary service. We’re family-owned and -operated, founded by Martin Sr. in 2010 with his decades of HVAC experience. Martin Jr. has learned the trade and is proudly leading the company into the future. Our pink theme reflects an important aspect of our work: having lost wife and mother Martha to cancer, a portion of our profits is directed to the American Cancer Society. Our licensed and carefully trained technicians represent our values and tradition of service to you and all of our customers. They provide prompt, expert service, arriving proudly in our well-stocked and highly visible company vehicles.


Proper AC maintenance contributes to top performance and longevity of your system. Whether yours is a new variable speed system or an older single-stage unit that’s served you well for decades, we can keep your investment in great shape. Fine-tuning your system and catching repair needs early minimizes wear from inefficient operation. We can also provide information on your system’s overall condition.

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